Atomic Robo joins Rivet Wars as Kickstarter/Convention exclusive figure

Rivet Wars KickstarterThanks to a Tweet from Giant Fire Breathing Robot yesterday, I learned that Rivet Wars, the rather-awesome looking real-time strategy inspired miniatures game from Ted Terranova and Cool Mini or Not, had added a new incentive just a few days ago. Yes, if you see the picture to the right of this listing, that is Atomic Robo the eponymous Tesladyne action scientist from Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener. The existing sculpts look pretty rad, and the concept art for Robo, who will be a Kickstarter and convention exclusive, is just amazing, so I have high hopes that the figure produced will be radmazing. Which I think is a word. Or not. I get confused about these things sometimes. Anyway, this sort of thing has a way of getting past my defenses, which I’m sure is what the Rivet Wars folks want. Robo, along with a pretty amazing slew of other figures including … Rosie the Riveter?? … is included at the $150 pledge level on the Kickstarter campaign.

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29. January 2013 by Michael
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