Artizens looks to combine Monster Hunter with heavy player customization

Artizens Kickstarter Monster Hunter 2DArtizens from Artizens, Inc., is on Kickstarter right now.

It seemed like, for a while last year, there was a huge glut of Kickstarters built on awesome ideas as we saw everyone that had been working on their dream project decide that it was the time to shove it out into the sun. Things have been quieter the past few months now that the gold rush is over, but there are still some very interesting projects to be found. Artizens is one such interesting project. The designers say that it is an online action game where players fight huge monsters (presumably like that crazy rocket launcher golem pictured herein) and use the materials they gather from those monsters to craft new gear a la Monster Hunter. That’s a good formula to start from, although the gameplay will need to be seen since Monster Hunter, even with the right gear is endearing because it is a grinding test of player skill. Monster Hunter  is specifically listed as an inspiration (along with Mega Man and Magic the Gathering), and the devs seem cognizant of the skill-based gameplay that makes it so great, so that is a good sign.

However, kill-and-craft gameplay is not the only thing Artizens is promising. Artizens also has a system of modding where players can customize not just the statistics on their weapons (promising an unlimited number of mods on any given piece of equipment) but also the promise of being able to draw your own weapons and armor, allowing you to customize your hero and his arsenal to look however you please. Players can also upload their creations for other players to use if they don’t feel like creating their own equipment.

Artizens currently has all of its core systems in place but is a long way from having its content finished – about six months by the developers’ estimations. The game itself is available through Kickstarter for $15, while getting the game plus all future upgrades is $60. If you would like more information about Artizens, there is quite a bit more, including a gameplay concept video, over on Kickstarter.

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