Anodyne – An indie Zelda-like game that arms you with a broom is coming February 4, you can play the demo now

Do you like The Legend of Zelda, but wish it gave you a broom to fight with and solve puzzles with dust instead of a sword? Then, wow, you have really strange, specific tastes. But! Good news! Since, Anodyne is now available for pre-order for $7 (down from $10) and will let you play a Zelda-type game with a broom. Like the game that seems to have inspired it, Anodyne send you through dungeons killing monsters, solving puzzles (often with the aforementioned broom), collecting keys and beating bosses. It all plays quite sharply, with responsive controls that did what I wanted them to do when I wanted them to do it, which is certainly a good thing. Honestly, I played the demo last night and Anodyne also has a pretty wicked sense of humor on it, as well as tight controls. It’s well worth checking out if you think you might be interested in it. The good news is, if you are, Anodyne will be releasing on February 4. Which is, like, just over a week away. The world has a weird vibe, combining a creepy, hopeless feel with a sort of devil-may-care sense of humor filled with some fourth wall breaking. How will this translate to the full game? I have no idea! I’m not psychic, but I did have a good time with the demo. You can learn more about Anodyne on the official web page.

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25. January 2013 by Michael
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