CrossCode tech demo shows off a promising 16-bit action RPG from Radical Fish Games

CrossCode Tech Demo 16-bit action RPGThe CrossCode tech demo is one you should really check out. Mind you, the game itself from Radical Fish Games may be a long way out yet, but this tech demo shows enough promise that I’m pretty excited about CrossCodeCrossCode is a 16-bit style action RPG where your character fires projectiles instead of the usual Legend of Zelda-stlye slashing. You are all-but-immobile when firing, although you do have a handy dash move to avoid danger at the last minute where still blasting away at your enemies. Your projectiles also bounce off walls, which can be useful both for taking out enemies and for solving puzzles. The longer you hold the button, the more accurate your blasts become, or you can fire quickly without aiming, giving you scattershot results. The main thing that jumped out to me about CrossCode, however, were the spot-on controls. Running around feels tight and responsive and the game already looks very nice. With all of that said, there’s really no reason at all you shouldn’t go check out the CrossCode tech demo for yourself.

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22. January 2013 by Michael
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