Walking Dead #105 Review – Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard

Walking Dead #105 Review. Robert Kirkman. Skybound Entertainment. Charlie Adlard.The Walking Dead #105 Review Short Verison: At some point I wonder why I even bother to write up a review for the Walking Dead, but I keep doing it. Mostly because it’s worth applauding what Kirkman and Adlard do in the book month-after-month. This is a slow down issue, focusing on Carl and Negan, but it is certainly no worse for that.

The Walking Dead #105 Writer: Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead #105 Artist: Charlie Adlard

The Walking Dead #105 Review

The Walking Dead is – much like its namesake – seemingly unkillable. Robert Kirkman’s ability to reinvent the series without missing a beat is something to behold. The Walking Dead #105 concentrates on Carl and Negan … bonding? I don’t know. Really, the whole point of the issue seems to be that, while Negan may be a bit of sociopath, he may not be the complete monster that he has been portrayed as for so long. And to that end, it is a very successful issue. Negan is still absolutely insane but, like so many madmen, he utterly believes in the justice and necessity of what he is doing. Kirkman really kills the writing with his portrayal of Negan. There’s something about the cadence of how he is written that just comes to life in my head. This issue also shows that no one in comics handles brutality with quite the same gravitas as Charlie Adlard. When he shows something brutal, there is no beauty in it. No glorification. It is horrific because the world these characters inhabit seems so believable.

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