Walking Dead 104 Review

Walking Dead 104 CoverWalking Dead #104 Review Short Version: Everytime I think that The Walking Dead can’t get any crazier, it gets crazier. The stakes get higher. Stuff gets worse. Stuff gets much worse for the survivors as Negan’s upperhand gets even more decisive and the crew continues to lose faith in Rick’s leadership.

Walking Dead #104 Writer: Robert Kirkman

Walking Dead #104 Artist: Charlie Adlard

Walking Dead #104 Review

Walking Dead #104 is fantastic. The issue begins with Negan’s exit from the surivivors’ home, having taken whatever of value he was interested in. However, Rick is still playing the long game, convincing both Negan and his friends that he has given up and that Negan is in charge now. The feeling of betrayal, told largely through facial expressions and silence, is palpable. However, that’s not all that is going on here. Rick’s plan to have Negan’s group followed hits a serious snafu, although it looks like that may work in Rick’s favor in the longterm. What likely won’t work in his favor is one of the survivors going rogue and getting captured. All told, it’s another fantastic issue. It’s all been said before, but Robert Kirkman does am amazing job of making the stakes even higher everytime it looks like the survivors have hit the bottom and the stakes are much higher after this issue. We also get a look at how the Saviors live. The post-issue 100 Walking Dead is probably the best run in the comic’s history, in my opinion, you just wonder where it is going next.

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03. December 2012 by Michael
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