The Massive #7 Review

The Massive #7 Review. Comic book review. Brian Wood.The Massive #7 Review Short Version: The Massive has turned from a comic that I had a hard time reading – I found the early issues to be awkwardly paced and somewhat hard to follow – to one of my favorite comics month-after-month. The Massive #7 is no different, continuing to shed light on how the world is changing around the crew of The Kapital and challenging Cal’s convictions at every turn.

The Massive #7 Writer: Brian Wood

The Massive #7 Artist: Gary Brown

The Massive #7 Review

The Massive #7 shows that this series, after a rocky start, is now going strong, following the crew of The Kapital as they explore this brave new post-apocalyptic world, as new societies begin to rise. In many ways, The Massive #7 is interesting as a study of the new rig nation that The Kapital arrives at, a sort of end-of-the-world utopia built on an oil rig that has no expanded to request UN sanction. It is also interesting to watch Cal’s morals be questioned and stretched as we wonder if there is any room for idealistic pacificists in this new world where anyone with resources and enough of an armament to avoid being questioned can declare itself sovereign. It looks like the next issue should get us back into the action, but The Massive #7 continues the series’ ascent into the realm of the comics that I am excited to see in my pull box every month.

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