Storm Dogs #2 Review – David Hine, Doug Braithwaite

Storm Dogs #2 Review. Doug Braithwaite, Doug Hine, Image Comics.Storm Dogs #2 Review Short Version: Storm Dogs is one of my best new pick-ups of the last several years. The world of Grievance is a tough place where tough people are trying their best to live and the creative team does a good job of bringing that to life in Storm Dogs #2.

Storm Dogs #2 Writer: David Hine

Storm Dogs #2 Artist: Doug Braithwaite

Storm Dogs #2 Review

Storm Dogs #2 picks up with the autopsy of the suspiciously and recently deceased, with the discovery of something odd that points on the suspicious nature of the crew’s journey to Grievance out to Jered Hofman, the team’s forensic pathologist. It’s curious that a team of highly trained experts have been sent out to the small, out-of-the-way planet in the first place and clearly something bigger is going on here. Exactly what that is, neither we nor Hofman know at this point, but the story is moving forward. More than just pushing the plot forward, however, Hine does a great job of bringing Grievance to life. It’s a miserable place to live and the planet’s sheriff has an impossible job made even more difficult with authorities there criticizing his every move. It’s an interest, well-imagined world that I look forward to learning more about as the series goes on. This is also a beautiful book, with a lot of great art from Braithwaite. If you are at all a fan of well-told science fiction stories, you should really give Storm Dogs a look.

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