Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner’s Box and a free adventure released

Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG from Fantasy Flight GamesAs of yesterday, the Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beginner’s Box is officially available and for sale from Fantasy Flight Games, containing a pared down version of the rules, including using solely pregenerated characters, more hand-holding (from the sound of it) than the average roleplaying game, and some newbie friendly features like nice, full-colored maps and a “32-page learn-as-you-go adventure.” In honor of the release of the box does include some character advancement rules, so you can get some more action out of the set (which also comes with 14 of those funky dice and some counters, as well). Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beginner’s Box Fantasy Flight Games has released a free adventure for the system called The Long Arm of the Hutt. The adventure is available in both high and low resolution formats, which is a nice touch as well. From the looks of it, it is a nice, 46-page, fully-produced (art, color and everything) adventure for the game, which is a nice step to get the new players who are not familiar with RPGs that pick up the system an extra adventure to get them in the swing of things. I am aware that the logo on this page is for the much-discussed beta, but this product is not a beta version, just a streamlined version of the full rules to try and get new players into the game (or sate those that missed out on the beta, which appears to be going for around $40 on eBay, not a bad markup considering).

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18. December 2012 by Michael
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