Radio the Universe – A bleak, hardcore Zelda-inspired action RPG

Radio the Universe KickstarterRadio the Universe from 6e6e6e – a Zelda-inspired action RPG – is currently on Kickstarter.

You can make arguments from Kickstarter bringing a lot of things ‘back.’ Perhaps, I would argue, the greatest of those things is gorgeous pixel art paired with sharp, 16-bit-style gameplay. And such, it appears, is Radio the Universe a bleak take on the Link to the Past-style action RPG genre. On the Kickstarter page, the game’s designer explaisn it thusly: “With Radio the Universe, I want to creat something beautiful, melancholy and evocative. … A game that can feel a bit ‘off.’ Along with Zelda Dark Souls, Hotline Miami and Symphony of the Night are all mentioned as inspirations, and there is somethign about it that reminds me more-than-a-little of Square Enix’s avante-garde action RPG The World Ends With You. So how does it play? Well, I obviously have no idea, but what 6e6e6e has shown off so far certainly looks nice, with hand-drawn cut scenes and some very sharp pixel art in a a dark sort of world with rumbling tains and flickering lights. The Kickstarter page also mentions a world with hidden content to encourage exploration and character customization.

You can get more information about Radio the Universe on 6e6e6e’s Tumblr page or on Kickstarter.

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28. December 2012 by Michael
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