Lookouts #3 Review

Lookouts 3 Review.

Lookouts #3 Review Short Version: One of the most consistently delightful books going right now, Lookouts continues with another fantastic issue, as the Lookouts try again against the troll in an effort to learn about trying to find a way around violence. However, not all of the Lookouts are interested in finding nonviolent solutions to their problems.

Lookouts #3 Writer: Ben McCool

Lookouts #3 Artist: Robb Mommaerts

Lookouts #3 Review

Lookouts #3 is another stellar issue of the Penny Arcade-developed comic book series from Ben McCool and Robb Mommaerts. The Lookouts are back facing the troll again, this time trying to figure out a way to confront the beast without fighting it. The Sphinx is still out on the road killing any who can not answer its riddle (basically everyone that tries to walk by it, then) and the Lookouts have to prepare to face it. However, one of the Lookouts (if you’ve been reading the book, you probably know which one) has decided against training and hard work in favor of just going out and trying to solve problems in a more direct way. We’ll see how that works out next issue, but my guess is that it will not go well. Lookouts #3 hits the pacing perfectly, giving the characters enough time to breathe and grow while still moving very quickly. Each of the Lookouts has a strong, distinct personality, but you never get a sense that they are caricatures.

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04. December 2012 by Michael
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