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Joe Palooka Review. IDW Publishing. Comic Book Review.Joe Palooka #1 Review Short Version: IDW Publishing’s Joe Palooka from Bullock and Triano is off to a solid start. The story of a fighter who makes a mistake when trying to protect citizens during a bank robbery and flees the country, Joe Palooka (not his real name) is an interesting, sympathetic character. I’m looking forward to the story getting a chance to slow down and breathe a little over future issues, but it’s definitely a good start.

Joe Palooka #1 Writer: Mike Bullock and Matt Triano

Joe Palooka #1 Artist: Fernando Peniche

Joe Palooka #1 Review

I had no expectation for Joe Palooka going in. Frankly, I picked it up exclusively based on the cover that reminded me of King of Fighters. Why? I couldn’t say, but that was what attracted me to it. At any rate, apparently, Joe Palooka #1 is named after a series of comic strips from the 1930s about an ‘All-American’ boxer who exemplified the kind of clear-cut morals of the time (or so I read on Wikipedia). That, then, has very little in common with the Joe Palooka we are getting from IDW Publishing’s new series from Bullock, Triano and Peniche. Instead, IDW’s Palooka is a heavyweight fighter named Nick Davis that has things go wrong when trying to protect those being held up in a bank. Afraid of being accused of a crime when he was only trying to help, Davis flees across the border to Mexico where he becomes a prizefighter. I enjoyed the story of the first issue, although the second act moved a little quickly. I would have liked to have seen more time of Davis being down-and-out in Mexico before beginning his new, underground career, but I understand the desire to get to the meat of the story and it doesn’t change the fact that this looks to be an interesting book with good dialogue and some good conflict between the characters. Everything is very nicely illustrated by Fernando Peniche, and I’m really excited to see him get to do some longer fight scenes over future issues. We’ll see how it evolves from here, but I really enjoyed Joe Palooka #1.

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