Hawkeye #6 Review (2012)

Hawkeye #6 Review. Comic Book Review. Marvel Comics. Matt Fraction. David Aja.Hawkeye #6 Review Short Version: After a slightly more serious turn for “The Tape,” Matt Fraction takes Hawkeye back towards the whimsical in Hawkeye #6, a holiday themed issue that is equal parts chuckle-worthy and heartwarming, showing how hard it is to be Hawkeye and – at the end of the day – his resolve to do the right thing.

Hawkeye #6 Writer: Matt Fraction

Hawkeye #6 Artist: David Aja

Hawkeye #6 Review

Matt Fraction’s 2012 run on Hawkeye has been, perhaps, the most delightful surprise of my comic-book-reading year. Consistently teetering along the line between heavy emotional baggage and reckless whimsy, Fraction’s Clint Barton is a character that I have grown very fond of (despite little interest in Hawkeye prior to reading the series) and this issue shows what makes the character interesting: He’s imperfect, a bit of a coward in his own way – always tempted by the easy way out – but, at the end of the day, he does the right thing. Hawkeye #6 is a holiday themed issue and while it lacks the action of some of my other favorite issues of the series (I wish that Fraction and Aja could have been given about four more pages to give us the action scene that is only implied), Hawkeye #6 does a great job of showing that, while he may lack powers, Hawkeye makes up for his shortcomings because – no matter how easy it would be – he doesn’t stop trying to do the right thing.

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