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Cyberforce #2 Review. Comic Book Review. Matt Hawkins. Marc Silvestri. Khoi Pham. Top Cow Comics.Cyberforce #2 Review Short Verison: Cyberforce #2 takes a step back to show us how the chaos that we witnessed at the end of the first issue took place. As a new take on the superhero comic (more or less) I am thoroughly enjoying Cyberforce and would still be enjoying even if I had paid for it (although I read it for free through ComiXology). The story shows some of its scope this issue, and it is certainly an epic story. With the events of this issue, I am looking forward to seeing how it moves forward from here. Good stuff.

Cyberforce #2 Writer: Marc Silvestri

Cyberforce #2 Artist: Khoi Pham

Cyberforce #2 Review

Cyberforce #2 starts by taking a step back. Instead of immediately showing us the aftermath of the slaughter at the end of the first issue, Silvestri takes a step back to show us the other side of the slaughter. It’s a good move that helps give the events from the end of the last issue a lot more weight as well as providing us some background on the world and the plot that is afoot. I always appreciate writers taking a moment to let their world develop a little more before plunging forward with the plot, and Cyberforce #2 does a very nice job of that, giving the story some room to breathe. This issue is not an action-heavy one, but I really liked getting to see the attack from the other side and watching Stryker’s life unfold over the course of the comic, which should provide him some depth as the survivors confront him in the (presumably) near future.

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14. December 2012 by Michael
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