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What is Fiasco – American Disasters anyway?

Bully Pulpit Games, makers of the cult-hit Fiasco and Durance, have released a new expansion for the roleplaying/story game (the second such full expansion after the Fiasco Companion and the 1,000,000th such expansion if you count every playset people have made for the game). The new expansion – Fiasco – American Disasters by Jason Morningstar and Steve Segedy – is availabe for $5 from Drivethru RPG. I’ve done a read-through of the supplement (although I haven’t gotten to play any of it yet).

So what’s in Fiasco – American Disasters, anyway?

There are two main parts of Fiasco – American Disasters: The new rules that allow you to play Fiasco in a campaign style, typically with three sessions sharing elements and three new playsets. Fiasco – American Disasters PDF runs 44 pages, with about 11 of those pages focused on the new rules and the rest concentrating on the playsets. It also contains some advice for using The Fiasco Companion to make sure your newly-extended Fiasco game flows properly.

So, how do the in Fiasco – American Disasters look

Honestly, they look very, very good. It’s an appropriately elegant solution to the problem – so to speak – that Fiasco – as it was originally written – really only worked in one-off play. The system (appropriately called “Trainwreck Mode”) put into place in Fiasco – American Disasters allows you to connect games of Fiasco together, either using the same playset or moving to a different one, while still letting the sessions be connected enough to give you an idea of how to continue the story.

What about the playsets?

Obviously, I have not gotten to play any of them (nor have I gotten to test out any of the Trainwreck rules), but they look as interesting and well-written as the previous playsets releaesed by Bully Pulpit. There are three playsets included in Fiasco – American Disasters: Business Casual (a workplace/office playset), Rainbow Mountain (a back-to-nature commune playset) and Poppleton Mall (a Christmas-themed – or not – playset set in a shopping mall). I like that Poppleton Mall comes with options to make it set in a shopping mall not at Christmas, although I really feel like adding the touch of setting it during Christmas-time adds a nice extra layer to the playset that makes it better. They all look well-made, but I like the extra layers of off-the-wall-ness (yes, that is a word, leave me alone) on Poppleton Mall and Rainbow Mountain, although I could see some people liking Business Casual because it starts from a more mundane place and – as such – might be a little more fulfilling as things really start to get out of hand.

So what do you think of Fiasco – American Disasters?

I really, really like it. A lot. I think the Trainwreck Mode rules are a brilliant addition to Fiasco from the look of them and the three playsets are just icing on the cake. They all look like they are filled with interesting ideas to bring into play, but if you really love Fiasco and like the idea of playing over multiple sessions, I think Fiasco – American Disasters is worth the $5 for that alone.

Fiasco – American Disasters is available through Drivethru RPG.

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