World of the Dead bringing the post-zombie apocalypse back to Savage Worlds

World of the Dead Kickstarter.World of the Dead, a Savage Worlds Plot Point Campaign with zombies from Daring Entertainment, is on Kickstarter right now. 

Savage Worlds was one of the first indie RPGs I ever came across many years ago and remains one of my favorite systems to this day. Crunchy enough to handle almost any situation but fast enough to not get bogged down, the system is really a gem in my opinion. One of the other things that really grabbed me about Savage Worlds was the design of Plot Point Campaigns, the best of which are sweeping epics with multiple paths and enough guidance to get you through the campaign, but enough room to make it your own.

Presumably hoping to join the list of great Plot Point Campaigns comes World of the Dead, a currently-Kickstarting Savage Worlds campaign from Daring Entertainment. The World of the Dead setting, from what I can glean from the Kickstarter page, is one approximately four years after a zombie apocalypse, where new civilizations and settlements have begun to appear and rumors persist of a walled city free from the walking dead where technology is still available. One the crunchier end of things, World of the Dead promises new Edges, setting rules, details on the world, and an adventure generator – among other things – along with the full Plot Point Campaign. The book is a sequel to War of the Dead (here’s a review of the original I found from Tommy Brownell, who will apparently be working on the second book), although having played the first campaign is not necessary for the new one apparently. If you would like more information, you can check out the World of the Dead Kickstarter.


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21. November 2012 by Michael
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