Think Tank #4 Review – The sound of the other shoe dropping

Think Tank #4 Review. Matt Hawkins. Rahsan Ekedal.  Top Cow Comics.Think Tank #4 Review Short Version: Think Tank continues to get more and more interesting, and issue 4 is no exception. Watching Loren solve problems – and by extension Hawkins write them – is just fantastic to watch unfold. Also, as the fourth issue wraps up and Loren has been thoroughly entrenched as the force of nature that he is, it looks like Hawkins and Ekedal are ready to start pushing back against him. Think Tank is worth reading just to see the cool stuff that Hawkins has Loren get into, but it looks like it promises to be worth continuing reading because of the fact that Loren is an interesting character. 

Think Tank #4 Writer: Matt Hawkins

Think Tank #4 Artist: Rahsan Ekedal

Think Tank #4 Review

Think Tank hasn’t pushed back against Dr. Loren much so far. The military has to use kid gloves because he’s a valuable asset, even when he is trying to flee the facility with top secret information. In Think Tank #4, Loren puts the final touches on executing his escape plan, which is suitably bombastic. Perhaps unnecessarily so, but that’s part of the fun. In any case, Hawkins and Ekedal continue to do a fantastic job pacing the book both with the writing and the visual storytelling. It looks like we’re in for some serious changes come next issue however, as the other shoe drops – so to speak. I’ve been wondering when Loren is going to meet his match (with assurance that the time would come when he did) and it looks like that may have happened at the end of Think Tank #4. It’s been a blast watching Loren work, but to find out he is not the only one operating at that level, well, it should be a lot of fun to watch going forward. Another fantastic issue, with even more promise going forward from here.

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16. November 2012 by Michael
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