Thief of Thieves #10 Review

Thief of Thieves #10. James Asmus. Shawn Martinbrough. Robert Kirkman. Skybound.Thief of Thieves #10 Review Short Version: The last thing that Augustus wants to do regarding his current situation (dire as it is) is to turn to his father, who happens to be the greatest thief in the world. The worst part of that is that the only thing that Augustus should do is turn to his dad for help. The comic is about a family of criminals but, really, it’s really about families and how they deal with the challenges they each face and help each other no matter what in the end. 

Thief of Thieves #10 Writer: James Asmus

Thief of Thieves #10 Artist: Shawn Martinbrough

Thief of Thieves #10 Review

Thief of thieves #10 continues James Asmus’ run as show-runner, so to speak, and Augustus has found himself in a dire situation. After his rather nasty case of envy over who his father was and the perception that others would never consider him that, the son of the best thief in the world is well over his head with his girlfriend kidnapped by a cartel. So where does he turn? Definitely not to his dad, instead trying every resource he has to get a job to pay off the impossibly-daunting debt he has. Still, finding a job proves impossible and Augustus eventually has to turn to Conrad for help, literally the last place he wanteed to go. The truth is, Asmus’ run on Thief of Thieves is less about thieves (although we’re going to get some heisting next issue from the looks of things) and more about how Conrad/Redmond still loves his son, even if he doesn’t show it sometimes. Really, in that way, it’s as much a story about families and generational pressure as it is about heists. Asmus does a great job of bringing out Conrad’s tired nature, a man that just wants to retire from the life that he created for himself but just can’t escape from the gravity of the thing he created. There’s some pretty heavy stuff in there, too, and – even if Augustus finds a way to rescue his girlfriend – his actions will certainly not be without consequences.

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