Telepath Tactics – A fantasy-steampunk tactical RPG from Sinister Design

Telepath Tactics, Craig Stern, Sinister Design, KickstarterTelepath Tactics from Craig Stern of Sinister Design is on Kickstarter right now.

I first wrote about Telepath Tactics from Sinister Design back in July of this year when I came across the game on indie dev forum TIGSource. Well, the game is officially on Kickstarter in an attempt to raise $25,500.00 so that designer Craig Stern can polish the game to his liking before releasing it. In particular, Stern estimates that hiring a sound producer to get the game sounding right will cost somewhere around $12,000, no small chunk of change.

Telepath Tactics – “If Fire Emblem and Disgaea had a baby”

That’s the bill of goods that Stern is selling, at least, which sounds like a pretty amazing idea. I have a long-seated affection for the tactical roleplaying game genre, so combining two of the genre ‘greats’ certainly sounds like a pattern for success. Telepath Tactics itself is set in a steampunk world, with knights on giant robotic praying mantises. I don’t know if I can highlight that enough for you, but I will try: Giant robotic praying mantises. The combat, according to Stern, is 100 percent predictable, so you’ll know that your attacks will hit once you do them, although that is presumably a two-way street, meaning you’ll need to be careful about letting your units too near enemies as well. Stern says on the Kickstarter page that he hopes to have a wide variety of environment interactions like building bridges, closing doors, or building barricades. 

Stern also aims to give Telepath Tactics an aggresive AI that will not wait for your units to come and get them. Telepath Tactics will feature some 22 character classes and will also have extensive mod support and a map editor. If you want more information about Telepath Tactics from Sinister Design, you can check out the Kickstarter page or go to the manual, which has a ton of information about the game in it.

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