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Spirit of the Law 1 Review

Spirit of the Law #1 Review Short Version: Spirit of the Law #1 does what I want the first issue of a series to do: it gets me interested in things. The mob-period art Montenat is right on and the writing feels great, plus the whole unknown woman is killed and comes back as a spirit of vengeance wielding a broad sword is pretty rad. So far, so good. It feels like a great idea well executed for the first issue, and I’m excited to see how it ends in the second part.

Spirit of the Law #1 Writer: Brandon Seifert

Spirit of the Law #1 Artist: Michael Montenat

Spirit of the Law #1 Review 

Spirit of the Law #1 starts a new series from the folks over at Monkeybrain Comics, this one brought to you from Brandon Seifert and Michael Montenat. The story starts out with a group of Mobsters offing a woman, although the reason why and her identity are unclear. And that, for them, would be the end of it if it didn’t seem like she then came back from the dead (or at least as a spirit) and started exacting revenge on the people that killed her with a broad sword, leaving them to try and hurry to figure out exactly what they’ve done. Spirit of the Law #1 is a great blend of art and writing, both hitting the tone of the period write and the pacing is marvelous. Plus the whole idea of the book just really resonates with me. So who is this woman? Why did she get killed? Why has she come back as a sword wielding spirit? Or is it what it seems at all? I have all of these questions and that – to me – is the sign of a book that I’m really excited to see go on to the next issue. It’s only a two part series, but that’s part of the beauty of digital only comics: they can be given the amount of room they need to breathe, but not be forced to be longer or shorter than necessary. It’s a cool way to tell a story that Seifert, it seems, meant to be told in two parts and can now do so because we don’t have to have a certain amount of buy-in to stretch it out to six issues. As it is, I’m excited to see the second part of the story and – hopefully – some of my questions answered.

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06. November 2012 by Michael
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