Plaid Hat Games announces City of Remnants, a new board game by Isaac Vega

City of Remnants. Isaac Vega. Plaid Hat Games. Board Game.Plaid Hat Games has released two of my favorite games (Summoner Wars from Colby Dauch and Mice and Mystics from Jerry Hawthorne), so I’m always interested to hear what else they have in store. Yesterday, Plaid Hat announced City of Remnants, a new board game from first-time designer Isaac Vega who it seems is also working on the company’s upcoming Bioshock Infinite board game. So what is City of Remnants? Well, in the two-to-four-player game, players take the role of gang leaders who are struggling to take over the aforementioned city. In each round of the game, each player takes four actions from a list of six possible choices, including getting new gang member cards (which are used to battle your opponents), purchasing actions or additional renown, building new developments on the board, selling product tokens generated by developments you own, exchanging cards or moving figures around the board (probably to try and wrest control of territories from your opponents). The whole point is to be the player at the end of the game with the most renown. The full rules are available on the official Plaid Hat site and more previews are set to start next week. It definitely looks like a game with a lot of moving pieces (something that appeals to me a great deal), but that also makes it tricky to get a good feel for after reading through the rules. City of Remnants is available for pre-order for $64.95 and will be airshipped a month early to direct purchasers from Plaid Hat if you order before December 7.

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09. November 2012 by Michael
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