Meriweather: An American Epic – The Lewis and Clark video game. Yes, really.

Meriweather - An American Epic on KickstarterMeriweather: An American Epic from Josh DeBonis of SortaSoft is on Kickstarter right now. 

Josh DeBonis, in the video for his currently-Kickstarting video game Meriweather: An American Epic, that he got the idea for Meriweather when he was out camping on the Lewis and Clark Trail with his wife. Obviously that is not the takeaway of most campers, but inspiration is a fickle thing indeed. In Meriweather, you play as Meriweather Lewis, the leader of the Corp of Discoverers. The game has some definite RPG-like elements, with you following a defined story (at least in one mode) that finds you trying to surmount the challenges faced by the expedition. There are also five different stats (called “Facets”) for Lewis that you can increase based on how you play Meriweather. It is noted in the Kickstarter video that your group of companions will live and die based on how your perform in the missions. You also go through travel mode, where you play in a mode that sounds reminiscent of Oregon Trail, where you control the whole Corp as they travel across a procedurally generated world, managing supplies and the rate of travel, among other things. The Kickstarter video for Meriweather is already pretty sharp looking, and it really seems to be a unique idea for a game. It also aims to be historic, adding a codex of information about all of the (real and historical) people and places you come across in your adventures, meaning you may accidentally learn something as well. If you would like more information about Meriweather from SortaSoft, you can check out the Kickstarter.

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