Kingdom Death – Monster has insane first day on Kickstarter, looks amazing

Kingdom Death – Monster is on Kickstarter right now.

There are a lot of games on Kickstarter, there’s no doubt, but very few make me shake a cellular level the way Kingdom Death – Monster does. There’s something about a game that refuses to compromise what it is that really makes me happy, and Kingdom Death – Monster certainly appears to be one of those. Not a game for the faint of heart, it’s a game with some 30 unique sculpts that you are required to put together the way your miniature playing forefathers did: from tiny pieces. Of course, that results in a game that you can more easily make your own, since you can pick and choose parts and weapons to make a sculpt that will go about its monster-killing business with great panache. And, yeah, the prototype miniature sculpts look fantastic. I mean, really stunning stuff.

So, awesome minis aside, what is Kingdom Death – Monster all about? It’s a cooperative board game set in a nightmarish world filled with horrors. I’ll be honest, it sounds an awful lot like Demon’s Souls the board game (unofficially, of course). Which is not something I would complain about. In fact, that sounds like an amazing idea. Besides the figures, Kingdom Death – Monster includes a ton of cards (including 75 monster AI cards, which seems like pretty good variability for monster movement, 100 gear cards, more than 75 resource cards, and more than 75 monster hit location cards). As you fight, it sounds like you gain resource cards, craft new equipment, and try to survive in the horrific world that you have been stuck in. As you fight monsters, you lose members of your settlement and the game ends if you run out of people in your town (or if you defeat the big bad). You fight one boss monster after another (each with its own AI deck, resource deck and hit location deck). You not only upgrade your warriors as you defeat monsters, you also upgrade your settlement. As in video games like Monster Hunter, you can craft unique armors from getting resources from some of the boss monsters, each with unique miniatures to show off your rad new clothes. How will it play? I mean, I honestly don’t know, but I can’t help but get excited reading all of that. The monster cards and character sheets are wonderfully dense, showing a game that isn’t afraid to be what it is. Apparently I’m not the only one excited about the game, since it has nearly topped $200,000 as I right this in its first day. If you want more information (or to at least go check out those sculpts) you can head over to Kickstarter.

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23. November 2012 by Michael
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