Hoax Hunters #5 Comic Book Review – The Jersey Devil

Hoax Hunters #5. Steve Seeley. Michael Moreci. Emilio LaisoHoax Hunters #5 Review Short Version: Hoax Hunters, having completed its first arc, takes a step back and gives us a little background on how Lauren and James met. Mostly, Hoax Hunters #5 is how Lauren came to work with the eponymous TV show. It’s a good issue that does what the series needs right now: a little more investment in the characters so we can invest in them going forward. 

Hoax Hunters #5 Writer: Michael Moreci and Steeve Seeley

Hoax Hunters #5 Artist: Emilio Laiso

Hoax Hunters #5 Review

Hoax Hunters #5 steps back from all of the inter-dimensional monster fighting the eponymous team has done the last few issues and – instead – concentrates on giving us some insight into some of the characters. Hoax Hunters #5 shows what is presumably the first meeting between James and Lauren and also shows the encounter that resulted in Lauren joining the team in the first place. Lauren mainly stars in the issue as a teen playing with the other kids in the orphanage that find out all of the orphans are being killed in rather gruesome fashion, possibly by a monster (referred to as the Jersey Devil) who lived at the orphanage with them. Needless to say, it isn’t long before Lauren finds herself face to face with the creature itself. Emilio Laiso takes over art duties for Hoax Hunters from Axel Medellin for the issue and does a great job of infusing the characters with personality. Hoax Hunters #5 is an archive story doing what I want an archive story to do: letting us be a little more invested in the main story once it picks up again.

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