Happy #2 Review

Happy #2 Review. Comic Book Review. Grant Morrison. Darick Robertson. Image Comics.

Happy #2 Review Short Version: Grant Morrison continues his run on Happy for Image Comics and the comic continues to be very, very good. I didn’t think this issue was quite as good as the first one, but it provides some necessary insight into the state of mind of Sax as well as what exactly Happy, the flying blue horse, is. Overall, it is still one of the most imaginative comcis on the market.

Happy #2 Writer: Grant Morrison

Happy #2 Artist: Darick Robertson

Happy #2 Review

Happy #2 picks up with disgraced former detective Sax cornered in a Mob hospital by a rather unpleasant seeming man who we quickly learn intends to cause Sax rather grievous, and specific, harm. In this issue, Sax is pushed to be a hero, but fights heroically against that urge, with Happy – the small, blue flying horse – acting as something of a Jimeny Cricket in the matter. In fact, Sax finds some craetive uses for having a talking, flying horse that no one else can see. Still, as you might imagine, seeing that very thing is not the sort of thing that would make a person feel terribly sane. Happy #2 is another very good issue in the series, although I think the newness in the first issue made it a little more exciting for me. That’s not exactly fair, and the writing and art here are both top notch and really show what happens when you let the people that make art just make it without anyone else mucking about it in too much. I expect that Grant Morrison’s Happy! will continue to be one of the best books week-in-and-week-out so long as it is being released, and this issue bears that out. It certain falls into the ‘mature’ camp (which is to say very violent and very swear-y), but it is telling an interesting story about the internal struggle over identity, especially in Sax who went from upstanding detective to low-life. So the question, as Happy! continues is: Which one is the real him? I’m certainly interested to find out.

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