Five indie games toss their support behind Simon Roth’s Maia Kickstarter with the Indie Hug Bundle

Simon Roth. Maia. Kickstarter. Indie Game.Maia is a god game from Simon Roth set in a space colony that you can check out on Kickstarter now.

In a pretty rad gesture, the makers of five indie games – Project Zomboid, VVVVVV, Revenge of the Titans, Death Ray Manta, and Battle Cave – have thrown their support behind the Kickstarter for Simon Roth’s Maia, a game I have written about here a few times now. The devs, in what they are calling the Indie Hug Bundle, will include copies of those games to anyone that pledges over £56. Those that pledge that much will also get an extra copy of Maia as well. I can’t speak for all of the games (Battle Cave is not out yet), but Project Zomboid, VVVVVV, and Revenge of the Titans are all pretty awesome (Zomboid is only in alpha, but is still very impressive). Simon Roth is attempting to raise £100,042 (Approximately $160,000 USD) to fund Maia, and is currently at approximately £69,000 (just under) with four days to go, so it appears that the hope is to incentivize people to bid more (or increase their bids) to get Maia funded. It’s a classy gesture by some fellow devs to try and help one of their own get to his goal. You can get full details on the bundle over on Kickstarter.

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23. November 2012 by Michael
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