Fables #123 Review – Can you change your fate?

Fables 123 Review

Fables #123 Review Short Version: A good second part that wraps up the events of the previous issue as Bigby confronts the being that assigned him a distasteful fate. Things unfold much as you would expect, although it is still a fun read, even if there are no big surprises left for you here. The current back-up story is going to take up the whole issue next month before we get back to regularly scheduled programming, but I enjoyed this two-parter, even if it is not essential.

Fables #123 Writer: Bill Willingham

Fables #123 Artist: Gene Ha

Fables #123 Review

Fables #123 finishes up the two-part story following Bigby Wolf as he confronts a powerful being who has assigned him a rather-dreadful fate. Bigby is, as you might expect, somewhat annoyed when he learns that what he was told is not his fate as it was foreseen but – rather – what was assigned to him. Fables #123 is a solid issue, although it doesn’t contain a great many surprises after the reveal at the end of the first issue. Still, this has been a fun, entertaining diversion from the main series that gives us a look back when Bigby was powerful and, if not merciless certainly less compassionate. After all of the intensity of Cubs in Toyland over the last few months, I think that this two-parter has been a good, worthwhile addition to Fables lore, if not required reading.

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29. November 2012 by Michael
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