Clone #1 Review – David Schulner, Juan Jose Ryp, and Skybound Entertainment

Clone #1 Comic Book Review. Juan Jose Ryp, David Schulner, Skybound EntertainmentClone #1 Review Short Version: The newest entry on Kirkman’s Skybound label is off to a great start with Clone #1 from Shulner and Ryp. Clone #1 follows a man named Luke as his world unravels as a man that looks just like him shows up in his house bleeding out and the kidnap of his pregnant wife.  It’s a fast-moving, thriller comic with a cool plot and a lot of intrigue for what is going to happen next. A great start. 

Clone #1 Writer: David Schulner

Clone #1 Artist: Juan Jose Ryp

Clone #1 Review

Clone #1 from David Schulner and Juan Jose Ryp is the newest entry into Robert Kirkman’s Skybound imprint for Image Comics, and it is off to a very good start. It all starts mundanely enough, with Dr. Luke Taylor having a dream of being chased down and shot and then waking up in bed with his pregnant wave. Luke has concerns about his ability to be a parent given his own absentee father, but his concerns don’t stay quite that down-to-Earth for long. As Luke is getting ready for work, a man that looks just like him busts into his house bleeding for a gunshot wound who warns him that he needs to protect his wife, that someone is after both Luke and her.

Clone #1 is a great start to the new Skybound series from Schulner and Ryp. Schulner does a great job of setting the story up and letting the characters get comfortable in their day-to-day world before pulling the rug out from under them about halfway through. There definitely appears to be some cloning involved, but I look forward to finding out why it is going on and why someone is after Luke and his wife Amelia. Once things start moving, they move quickly, and Clone #1 definitely asks a lot of interesting questions I’d like to know the answers to. Very well done.

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