A Man’s Quest trailer shows off the under-development 2d platformer

I really dug the trailer embedded above for A Man’s Quest from DrunkDevs. A Man’s Quest recently entered the Alpha stage of development and the game is now playable from start-to-finish. I  gotten to try out the current demo build, but the gameplay and graphics for the platformer looking like they are coming along quite nicely. My only notes so far is that I wish that the character tracking was a little better (that the camera was a little more responsive to following the character, especially when you jump) and that it was a little more clear where you could use the grip glove. Of course, the game is currently in an Alpha state, so these are things that are a long way from set in stone. Over all, I enjoyed my time with the demo and definitely look forward to seeing more of the game. The dev has noted in the dev journal that A Man’s Quest is inspired, at least in part, by games like Knytt and Fez with an emphasis on exploration and ambiance instead of combat, and I really dug the vibe of the part of the game I got to check out. A Man’s Quest  (ironically) has an intentionally childish story, since it’s just about a kid that wants to climb higher than another kid that was kind of mean to him. It made me chuckle, for sure. Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing more out of A Man’s Quest in the future.

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14. November 2012 by Michael
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