Pro Wrestling X, a new pro wrestling video game, hopes to give Kickstarter a tiger driver

Pro Wrestling X is on Kickstarter right now, should that be a thing that interests you.

I write a lot about the things that have defined my life: Roleplaying games, board games, comic books, and video games. To be sure there has been more than that, but those are some of the things that I love. Still, there is one thing that really defined who I am that I don’t write about on this site often: professional wrestling. To be sure, I haven’t really watched professional wrestling in years. I am still aware of the current players and whatnot in the periphery, but I can’t say I’m actively engaged in it anymore. Still, WWE/F professional wrestling in the late 80’s and early 90’s was not just something that I kept track of casually, it was a thing that was every bit as important to me as video games and comic books.

I’m a bit of a conosseur of professional wrestling video games, as well. I loved WCW / nWo: Revenge, Wrestlemania X8 and No Mercy on the Nintendo 64 and, later, played a lot of Giant Gram 2000 (I have yet to find another person who shares my enthusiasm for Giant Gram, but I keep trying) and Fire Pro Wrestling on the Dreamcast (My favorite wrestling game may well be the old WWF Wrestlefest arcade machine, which lacked depth but made up for it in personality and nostalgia). A bunch. More recently, I still play Fire Pro Wrestling Returns on my Playstation 2, which exists almost solely for that purpose and contains a huge roster of created wrestlers spanning from the good ol’ days to modern day. This is a really long way of telling you why I am excited about Pro Wrestling X, which I remember hearing about some five or so years ago. I’ll be honest, I assumed that it had long gone the way of the dodo, but I’m glad to see that it hasn’t. Pro Wrestling X is trying to combine the fun of No Mercy with the depth of Fire Pro. Will it succeed? I have no idea, but just the idea is enough to get me excited on a cellular level. If you’re at all a fan of the wrestling genre, the idea of open, moddable art files should probably be enough to sell you so long as the game is fun. You can also tell that these guys are really passionate about what they are trying to do. Has it gone exactly the way they would have liked it to? Given the length of the development, maybe not, but they’re still trying, and that’s not nothing.

If you would like more information about Pro Wrestling X, you can check it out on Kickstarter or on the official web page.

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08. November 2012 by Michael
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