You are the Maniac – A card game where you are the maniac in a movie

YOU are the Maniac is a card game currently on Kickstarter.

There are a lot of board games and card games where you are a regular person trying survive unknowable terror. Zombies and what have you. But there are substantially fewer where you are actually the maniac at the center of the slasher film. YOU are the Maniac! from Mythos Labs hopes to shrink that gap by at least one by offering you the chance to play a card game through a horror trilogy. YOU are the Maniac! definitely deals with things in a humorous way, but the horror genre has always had an air of absurdity about it. During YOU are the Maniac! you score points for each card you get (the cast members of the aforementioned films). Over the course of the game, you also collect Plot Twist cards when you claim certain cards. It looks like a fast, light game for genre fans that pokes fun, lovingly, at the tropes that have made the horror genre so successful over the decades. The artwork definitely looks appropriately morbid and over the top (Athlete’s Foot got a pretty good chuckle from me, but I’m a sucker for puns). YOU are the Maniac! is almost complete, and the designers are trying to raise funds in order to finish card art and get the game printed and packaged. If you’re interested, you can check out the rules. It’s the season for horror games (and movies) so, if you’re interested, you can get more information about YOU are the Maniac! over on Kickstarter.

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