Thief of Thieves 9 Review – A father and his son

Thief of Thieves 9 Review. Thief of Thieves 9 Review Short Version: James Asmus really hits his stride in his second issue about Thief of Thieves, handling a far more personal arc for Conrad, as his son finds himself potentially way over his head. The arc looks to question what Conrad really cares about: his career or his family and looks like it will be heading towards forcing him to choose between the two. 

Thief of Thieves 9 Writer: James Asmus

Thief of Thieves 9 Artist: Shawn Martinbrough

Thief of Thieves 9 Review

Thief of Thieves 9 is really a tale of two different stories: The confrontation between Liz and Conrad regarding what Conrad will do if she focuses her energy at Augustus instead of Conrad and what Augustus will do when faced with paying the massive amount of money he owes to some very bad people. This second arc of Thief of Thieves has done a nice job so far of trying to find where Conrad is really weak and suggesting that, in reality, maybe it isn’t as a thief. I mean, he is – after all – the thief of thieves. But every superhero loves someone and Conrad is no different. So how will he react when that facet of his life is threatened? On a similar note, Augustus has spent his life living in his father’s shadow, trying to emulate him, but no son is his father, and Augustus might have found himsel fin over his head. Thief of Thieves 9 is a very good issue in the series that starts to get things lined up for how Conrad can pull Augustus out of the rather-hopeless situation he has found himself in – if he can at all. Now that I think about it, it might be particularly interesting if Conrad can’t save Augustus at all and what that does to the psyche of a man that believed himself to be invincible. Anyway, just some conjecture on my part, but it will definitely be interesting to see what Kirkman and Asmus have in store over the next issues.

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09. October 2012 by Michael
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