The Massive 5 Review – Brian Wood and Garry Brown

The Massive 5 Review. Brian Wood. Garry Brown.The Massive 5 Review Short Version: The Massive 5 continues the book’s move up my list of books that I am really excited to see each month. I really feel like The Massive had a pretty rocky start, but the last two issues have been great. There’s still not much movement on the overall plot, but it’s interesting enough to read that I don’t really mind. 

The Massive 5 Writer: Brian Wood

The Massive 5 Artist: Garry Brown

The Massive 5 Review

The Massive 5 finds two of the crew members of The Kapital investigating a gigantic hole bored in Antarctica that is one of the few sources of fresh water left on the world. Things, as you might expect, go poorly and they are left at the mercy of some less than savory characters. It’s a nice issue that focuses mainly on building up the characters of the crew, but really doesn’t do anything so far as moving forward whatever plot there may be regarding The Massive itself. Still, we get a lot of new, interesting information and the pacing of the book seems to be improving each month. Wood’s world in The Massive is a dangerous, edgy place and I have been enjoying watching him develop it, but I’m starting to get curious as to where it is going, or if it is more akin to The Walking Dead, more about the process of survival than the plot itself. Still, previous issues have hinted that something is up with the disappearance of The Massive, but we’re definitely slow getting there. Still, it’s an interesting book in the interim. The world is well developed, with the consequences of a global climate catastrophe well considered and realistically executed and characters that are being pushed to find where their limits are in a world that no one quite knows the rules to.

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12. October 2012 by Michael
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