The Goon Movie looks to bash in animated zombie heads

The Goon movie is on Kickstarter right now, where you can check it out.
The Goon, in case you are somehow not familiar, is a comic book series from Eric Powell that follows the adventures of the eponymous Goon as he fights everything from mobsters to zombies to, well, weirder things. I’ve been a fan of the comic for several years now and I am pretty excited to see that Powell and Blur Studios are now looking to make The Goon a movie and have turned to , yep, Kickstarter to make that happen. There has already been some proof of concept stuff floating around, but Blur Studio is trying to fund a story reel based on Powell’s script (a story reel is, apparently, a rough edit of the story boards with music and effects to help try and sell the film). That, apparently, is not a cheap process and Blur Studio is looking to raise $400,000.00 to get the reel done, inclduing Clancy Brown voicing The Goon and Paul Giamatti as his sidekick Franky. The Goon comic book has always been about over the top action with healthy dose of humor thrown in for good measure and it is a concept that, if done right, should make an exceedingly good film. I’m pretty interested in seeing The Goon bash in some zombies in movie form, and will definitely be keeping a close eye on this one. If you would like to check it out, head over to Kickstarter to read the full pitch.

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15. October 2012 by Michael
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