RATS! – An RPG about giant mutant rats trying to take over the world

RATS! roleplaying game. Giant mutant rats RPG. IndieGoGo.RATS! roleplaying game from Uri Kurlianchik and Stav Levi is on IndieGoGo now.

If you were a giant mutant rat, what would you do? If you answered “Try and take over the world!” then you answered correctly. And yes, I know Pinky and the Brain were mice, leave me alone. In any case. designer Uri Kurlianchik and artist Stav Levin are trying to fund their new RPG about mutant rats called, appropriately, “RATS!” The RPG is based off of the 3rd edition d20 system that they promise has been streamlined to assist in the rapid creation (and decimation of characters). And really, that’s one of my favorite ideas from “RATS!”: Your lifespan will be very, very short if you are not careful according to the IndieGoGo listing. “RATS!” also promises plenty of character customization with “There are thirteen diverse cultures, three elite cultures, six races, twenty starting habitats, and a gazillion feats, skills and mutations (inspired by a hundred years of misunderstanding radiation) to customize characters.” I’m going to go out on a limb and say ‘a gazillion feats’ may be off a little, but it still sounds like “RATS!” will have a lot of chargen options, which is good because I love games like this because of the unique worlds they create, so all of the stuff about different cultures sounds like it will make a fun read about giant mutant rat culture.

In “RATS!” you use your experience to gain new abilities, new mutations, and to make your rat larger. Yep: Godzilla-sized mutant rat! Oh, and you have to take a consequence every single time you get hit (it sounds a little like the equivalent of a critical hit chart), so combat promises to get pretty brutal pretty quickly. It certainly sounds like the “RATS!” RPG has the promise of a unique world and roleplaying my rat trying to become the most powerful and rattiest sounds like it should be proper entertaining. If you want more information about the “RATS!” roleplaying game, head over to IndieGoGo.

So, what sort of plot hooks do you have for “RATS!”, folks? My thoughts: Your party has been tasked in fighting with other rat parties in a Hunger Games-esque battle royale (intended) where the surviving group is lauded as kings. The problem? The fight occurs in a full size city decimated by mutant rats that has been cordoned off, so you have to find ways to survive and come out ahead of 19 other rat teams, all trying to become bigger and badder than you. The results? Hilarity, I hope. Tell me your pitch in the comments!

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02. October 2012 by Michael
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  1. I like the idea of rat colony living in a hoarders house that has become there kingdom. As people come in to try to clean the house up the rats protect there home. Using traps, cleverness and brutality to protect there home and maybe expand to there kingdom to other homes.

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