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Morning Glories 22 Review Short Version: Punk Rock Jesus 4 brings us to the 2/3 point of the series and we are really getting to the heart of things now. We have a clone of a savior that may really be the real thing but does not believe it and a man sworn to protect him because he does believe even if his belief causes him to do terrible things. This is art, folks. 

Morning Glories 22 Writer: Nick Spencer

Morning Glories 22 Artist: Joe Eisma

Morning Glories 22 Review

Morning Glories never fails to get crazier and that trend continues in Morning Glories 22. As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the issue and then immediatley re-read it to see what I missed and what I didn’t understand the first time through. And then I realize that I still don’t really understand what is going on. I mean, I know what events are happening, I’m just not entirely sure why they are happening, although we actually get a good look at the motives of at least one of the characters in Morning Glories 22. Over all, this is one of my favorite issues of the plot-gone-crazy series in recent months, light on exposition and heavy on crazy stuff happening to the group. Where is it all going? I have no idea. What does it all mean? I wish I could tell you. But Morning Glories 22 is a fun issue that really hits the gas on the thing. I’ve enjoyed the last few issues, but they have been building and setting up and it feels like we are getting to some explanations of exactly what is going on, even if I’m not entirely convinced that I’ll ever entirely understand. I really think that Morning Glories 22 emphasizes that this series is at its best when it is barreling forward at full speed, forcing you try to keep up, even if it might not be able to do so without all of the build-up beforehand.

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17. October 2012 by Michael
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