Mice and Mystics shipping out to direct pre-orders. I am excited.

Mice and Mystics, Android: Netrunner, Star Wars: X-wing Miniatures Game, Leviathans,As of yesterday, October 22, Plaid Hat Games is in the process of shipping out pre-orders directly from Plaid Hat Games for the upcoming Mice and Mystics. Since I am one of those pre-orders, I am pretty excited, because it means I will (hopefully) get the game before the weekend and get to bring you my thoughts on the game some time next week. If you have missed it, Mice and Mystics is a light dungeon crawling game with a heavier emphasis on the story than many games in the genre. Designed by Jerry Hawthorne, Mice and Mystics is probably my most anticipated game coming out this year, and certainly looks to have high production values and a nice rule set that gets what is important about dungeon crawling without bogging the whole thing down in minutia. Although Plaid Hat previously ran a pre-order deal on the game, those that waited will likely start seeing copies show up in stores pretty soon as well now that the games are on this side of the ocean and have cleared the dreaded X-ray machines. So, if you pre-ordered the game from Plaid Hat (or elsewhere), look forward to getting the game soon. If you did not, look forward to me telling about it next week.

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23. October 2012 by Michael
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