Mechwarrior Online open beta announced for October 16

Mechwarrior Online excites me to no end mainly because it looks like it is Mechwarrior. How they want to monetize that is up to them. Mechwarrior Online has been in closed beta for a while now, but those of us that were not part of that testing period will get our first chance to try out the game after Rock Paper Shotgun (and everywhere else, but that’s where I saw it) recently reported that the open beta would begin on October 16, which is next Tuesday for those keeping score. The game is a free-to-play take on the classic Mechwarrior formula, and the buzz has been nothing but positive so far. I never played the original Mechwarrior, but played Mechwarrior 2 so much. It was the game that made me buy a joystick (I also played a lot of Starsiege, which was a mech-based predecessor to Tribes. Does anyone remember Starsiege? Anyone?). I more or less missed Mechwarrior 3 (I was still pretty happy with Mechwarrior 2 at the time, to be honest), but I got back into the series with a vengeance with Mechwarrior 4. What I am trying to tell you is that the opportunity to play a Mechwarrior game, even one where other people can pay to level up faster or whatever, is pretty exciting for me. Will it be good? I guess we’ll find out next week (even though this is still a beta, and not necessarily representative of the final game). I sure hope so.

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12. October 2012 by Michael
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