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Madame X 1 Review Short VersionRob Williams takes a shot at rebooting one of the National Comics series with Madame X, a new take on Madame Xanadu. Madame X is a former celebrity psychic who was run out of the limelight and into the world of law enforcement, more or less. Williams’ writing is fantastic, and Madame X looks to be a very interesting character with a lot of promise. Harisine’s art is great throughout. This is a book well worth picking up. 

Madame X 1 Writer: Rob Williams

Madame X 1 Artist: Trevor Hairsine

Madame X 1 Review

Madame X #1 introduces us to the newly rebooted National Comics take on Madame Xanadu, one of a number of old, rather abandoned characters that DC is trying to give new life under the National Comics label. Madame X used to be a celebrity psychic until she saw the future for the wrong people and was driven out of the limelight and into the world of private contracting, in this case for a local New Orleans law firm. This is another great entry for the National Comics label, so far as I am concerned. Rob Williams makes Madame X an interesting character with a lot going on without interfering with the main story, and gives her some relationships that I would love to see fleshed out more. I found the story itself, one of a Voodoo priestess who says that she is being blamed for a murder she didn’t commit, to be very compelling and well paced. Really, it’s just a well done comic book all around,with Trevor Hairsine’s art adding a lot to the proceedings. There’s a cliffhanger at the end, and – although these books are listed as one shots – I think it is fair to say that they are more like pilot episodes. With that said, I definitely want to see Madame X get picked up. Even without the promise of an eventual series, it’s a well-told one shot with interesting characters and I would really recommend giving it a read.

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