Glory of the Three Kingdoms – Guandu Core Set – Deckbuilding the Three Kingdoms

Glory of the Three Kingdoms Deck Building Game. Romance of the Three Kingdoms.Glory of the Three Kingdoms – Guandu Core Set is on Kickstarter right now. 

If you want to talk about the games that really defined by younger years, you couldn’t do so without discussing Koei’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms series. There was something so perfect, to me, about the tone and the setting and the strategic depth (especially in a console game) that, while I never owned any of the games as a kid (I actually own ROTK 7 on the PS2), there are few games that cause such nostalgia in me. That brings us to Glory of the Three Kingdoms, a deck building card game from Ta-Te Wu. Glory of the Three Kingdoms is, as you might have guessed, set in the same historical time period as the aforementioned video games. The base game comes with two decks, Yuan Shao and Cao Cao (who was perpetually wiping out my armies in those video games. I hate him so bad.). Battles are fought between opposing armies and the loser not only loses glory, but also might lose his general, either by capture or beheading. Looking through the prototype rulesGlory of the Three Kingdoms it looks like you can get Victory Points from building  a stronger army, collecting certain cards with VP values, and also from winning glory in battles with your opponent. A player can also be eliminated by losing all of his glory to his opponent. The art on the Kickstarter page looks really fantastic, and definitely theme-appropriate and expansions are already in the work for the game, including adding generals Lu Bu (another perpetual nemesis) and Liu Bei, as well as new mechanics. You can get more information on the Glory of the Three Kingdoms – Guandu Core Set on Kickstarter.

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24. October 2012 by Michael
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