FTL: Faster than Light After Action Report – The Futility, Part 1

FTL: Faster Than Light AAR / After Action Report.

The map of my first sector.

I recently told you about my deep affection for FTL: Faster Than Light, the new spaceship roguelike from the folks over at Subset Games. The great thing about games built around the ‘Roguelike’ ideal, generally, is that they make for great after action reports, so I decided I would give you a sector-by-sector run of my newest ship: The Futility, a Kestrel Class, Layout A ship (the ‘starter’ ship). As usual, I start with three crew members, a basic missile launcher (good for getting around shield) and a repeating laser cannon that shoots three shots, although it can be absorbed by shields. I’m playing on Nomral and start the game with 16 Fuel and 8 Missiles.

To start the game, The Futility has the choice of going into a nebula (which shorts out your scanners, but slows the pursuit of the Federation) or moving closer to the sector exit and not dealing with a nebula. So I choose the latter, because I’ve had some bad run ins with nebula. I get a random event that gives me five more Fuel (which is consumed each time you move so, you know, important) and continue along my way to the next location where I find an automate ship guarding something. I can either fight it or run away. Seeing as I am only just starting and really need to get some Scrap (money), I attack the ship, but try to use only my burst laser (which doesn’t have ammo), reserving my missiles for more serious situations (when the enemy has two or more shields). This technique doesn’t last. I almost immediately take out the enemy’s weapons and then their shields before blowing them up without substantial damage, getting me 17 Scrap and a new weapon called Breach Missiles, which are twice as strong as my current missiles and have a higher chance of causing a hull breach. So, that’s pretty sweet.

I see a store but I don’t really have enough Scrap to do anything else, so my quest in this FTL: Faster Than Light AAR continues with a small move that leads to me being attacked. I load up the Breach Missiles because I have a new toy and find them to be quite slow. Still, they take out the enemy’s weapons nicely and I switch to my laser, easily eliminating the aggressor and collecting two more Missiles, one Drone Part, and 12 Scrap. I go to the Store I mentioned before and grab some fuel, another missile, and repair my hull. There is a nearby distress beacon that I decide to check out. It seems that a satellite defense system has gone haywire and is attacking those it is supposed to protect. My attempts to help out just result in The Futility taking some hull damage and me continuing on my journey with my tail between my legs. I jump and I am immediately assaulted by a Mantis ship. I am bummed to see that they have teleport capabilities and, sure enough, they send a guy over to attack me. Luckily it’s just one, so we take care of the intruder easily enough and the ship isn’t far after, leaving me three fuel, one drone part, and 12 scrap. I purchase an extra power for my ship so I can power all of my systems, skip a fuel station in the next location, and move on to find another ship that I can either risk activating or get eight free scrap.

So I risk activating the ship. Which, of course, it does. My shields get taken down by an ion cannon but, luckily, they don’t have any real firepower so nothing ever comes of it. Another win for me gives me two fuel, one drone part, and 11 scrap, so I’m starting to feel pretty good about things as I make the next jump…

Which lands me next to a sun! ARGH! Suns occasionally flare, causing damage to your ship if your shields aren’t up. There’s also a ship here, so I either have to fight or hold out until my FTL is charged so I can make a run for it. I quickly get rid of the ship, getting one fuel, two missiles, and 15 scrap, and then make a quick jump after only one flare which doesn’t seem to have done any damage.

FTL: Faster Than Light AAR / After Action Report.

A battle in FTL: Faster Than Light.

At least, I didn’t think it had done any damage. I was wrong, I find out after I choose to engage in a fight that I could have avoided before realizing that my ship is on fire. I send two of my crew to go put out the fire and take some damage in the fight but, eventually, they offer me a free crew member to leave them alone. Crew members are normally around 50 scrap, so I say yes, and now have  a Mantis mann(tis)ing my shields. I get my ship repaired, since my FTL and my shields are both damaged. I finally make the jump to the exit of the first sector, where someone offers to buy my missiles. I decide that would be the worst idea ever, so I decline and end the first map with 47 scrap, 17 fuel, eight missiles, and three drone parts. My hull is still in the green, but it’s not full. Honestly, as we begin this FTL: Faster Than Light AAR, I’m doing okay, but not great. The breach missiles were a big pick up so long as I can keep them in stock, but I really didn’t get enough scrap to do a decent amount of upgrading. I would have liked to have had my shields upgraded by now, but it wasn’t to be. I may go ahead and grab an FTL upgrade at the start of the next chapter to increase my dodge, in any case.

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