Fables 122 Review – Bigby gets a big bad destiny

Fables #122 Review. Bill Willingham. . Gene Ha. Comic Book Review.

Fables 122 Review Short Version: Fables 121 wrapped up Cubs in Toyland and, with Fables 122, we start a two-part story about Bigby Wolf called The Destiny Game. It looks like an interesting story and Ha does a nice job on the art of the issue. The story itself is about a time that Bigby was told that his destiny was doomed and became rather depressed until he learned an interesting bit of information. Fables 122 is a good beginning to a well-executed sidestory.

Fables 122 Writer:Bill Willingham

Fables 122 Artist: Gene Ha

Fables 122 Review

Fables 122 launches a two-part sidestory for the Vertigo series that follows Bigby Wolf many years ago when he exchanged the life of a magical creature for a promise to have his destiny told to him. Of course, his destiny is not good and Bigby is pretty down about it. At least, he’s down about it until he gets a new piece of information (spoiler: it’s not that the destiny he was given is untrue). Willingham skews a little light-hearted with the dialogue in this issue, but it fits the tone of the story and it is a nice break after the dark, macabre world of Cubs in Toyland. Gene Ha and Art Lyon pick up guest art duties for Fables 122 and do an excellent job. The issue also has a nice arc to it, and is perfectly paced for the first part of a two-issue arc, with the introduction leading to a reveal that will lead, quickly, to the conflict at the beginning of the next issue. It’s an interesting side story, and I’m going to enjoy reading it (and you never know when Willingham will bring things back up), but I will say that I doubt you’ll miss much if you skip these two issues (besides a fun, well-written story, which really seems like the point of it) if you are a ‘core story’ only type person, but I really think that – if you enjoy the series generally – you’ll enjoy it if you decide to pick it up.

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