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Cyberforce 1 Review Short Version: There’s a lot to take in the first issue of the Kickstarter-fueld relaunch of Top Cow’s Cyberforce. A lot of characters and a lot of world building and a lot of very nice art. Still, it’s a solid first issue with a plot that has a lot of immediacy. You can also read it for free online and some comic book shops may be offering it for free as part of the Kickstarter promotion (mine was not), so I would encourage you to do so and make your opinions.

Cyberforce 1 Writers: Marc Silvestri and Matt Hawkins

Cyberforce 1 Pencils: Khoi Pham

Cyberforce 1 Review

Cyberforce 1 is the relaunch of Top Cow’s series of the same name from the 90’s by Marc Silvestri, although it neither requires nor presumes any knowledge of the previous series (it is, after all, a reboot). Still, perhaps the most exceptional thing about Cyberforce, at least initially, is that it was funded on Kickstarter in an initiative that has resulted in the comic being available online (and in some comic book shops – although not mine) for free for the first six issues.

Still, none of that matters if Cyberforce 1 is not a fun read. Thankfully, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Cyberforce 1 is dense, packed with exposition about the world and who the characters are and what their status is and, even despite that, the whole status quo is not completely clear (although it is certainly clear enough to understand what is going on). The world is great, and the art style, from pencils to inks to colors just kills it. It really is a gorgeous book to look at with a lot of interesting character designs. The world is a sort of post-apocalyptic place where cyborgs appear to have become commonplace (or maybe just apepar to be so because of the nature fo the book). Still, some of the cyborgs have gone rogue, but the daughter of one of the most powerful people in the world has turned to them for help because she believes she knows when the world is (basically) going to end. There’s plenty of action in the first issue and I would really recommend you go over to MTV Geek and read it for yourself.

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