Chew 29 Review

Chew 29 Review. John Layman. Rob Guillory.Chew 29 Review Short VersionChew 28, Part 4 of 5 of Space Cakes, finds Caesar, Toni Chu and John Colby continuing their expedition together (Poyo is out on special assignment) to stop the “Vampire” (called a Collector) from continuing gathering the unique powers found in the Chewniverse (Chew Universe, natch). Needless to say, they are concerned when they find out who might be his next target. The team is unable to stay a step ahead of the Collector. It’s a fun issue, especially the stuff between Caesar and Toni, and it’s pretty tame by Chew standards. Still, it’s solid stuff.

Chew 29 Writer: John Layman

Chew 29 Artist: Rob Guillory

Chew 29 Review

Chew 29 continues the ‘light on Tony’ trend from the last several issues, instead concentrating on Toni, Caesar and Colby as they try to stop the “Vampire” (who is totally not a vampire, I don’t think, and is more appropriately called a “Collector”) from ‘collecting’ his next victim, a person that can make anyone look like anyone else. Which is, as you might surmise, not great for law enforcement. The best scene in Chew 29 is definitely between Caesar and Toni, as Caesar continues to try and figure out where he knows Toni from (and she continues to deflect). The issue really seems to serve mostly to potentially add another power to the Collector’s repetoire heading into the finale, and is pretty light on the sort of zaniness that Chew is best known for. Still, I found it to be an entertaining, if low-key issue overall. Most of all, I look forward to Caesar’s eventually epiphany next month (if it ever comes) as to where he knows Toni from. I really do hope things pick back up next month (and expect they will), but for a set up issue, it does a fine job getting everyone into place with a few laughs along the way as we head into the finale.

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