Boss Monster – Use your cards to build a sidescrolling dungeon to destroy the most adventurers

Boss Monster. Card Game. Brotherwise Games. Kickstarter.Boss Monster from Brotherwise Games is on Kickstarter right now.

There is something about pixel art that goes past all of my defenses. I considered this as I looked at the art for Boss Monster, the currently-Kickstarting card game from Brotherwise Games. In Boss Monster, which supports two to four players, each player is given one of eight possible boss monsters (natch) and then use room cards they draw to build a row of cards in front of their boss monster (a side-scrolling dungeon of sorts). Each turn, heroes are drawn and each player gets a chance to add a new room to their dungeon or replace an existing room. Each hero is attracted by a particular type of treasure and each room provides a type (or types) or treasure and each hero goes to the dungeon with the highest type of the appropriate treasure. You then check to see if your dungeon eliminates the hero (in which case you get points) or makes it out alive (in which case it does damage to you). The player that collects 10 souls first wins the game, and any player that takes five or more damage is eliminated. There are 75 room cards included with Boss Monster, as well as 25 spell cards and 40 heroes (including 16 epic heroes that bring a bigger challenge, but provide a bigger reward for their defeat). Brotherwise Games promises quick play (15 to 20 minutes one you get the rules down) and Boss Monster costs $20 on Kickstarter, where you can get more information about the game. You can also check out the full rules for Boss Monster.

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