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Young Avengers / Runaways Marvel Heroic RPG Review. The Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways supplement for the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game from Margaret Weis Productions is just packed with stuff. Expanding on the setting found in the Civil War supplement released just a little while back, Young Avengers/Runaways is the second Event Supplement for Civil War and covers a lot more than just the Young Avengers and Runaways, although they are there as well. The Young Avengers/Runaways supplement includes 30 full datafiles that you can drop into your Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game, including several more esoteric, younger heroes that you won’t end up with a bunch of write-ups on over time (seriously, if you really want a Night Thrasher, Runaways, or Speedball write up, this is your time). Each of those Datafiles contains a bunch of information and Miletones. Beyond that, these Event Supplements are impressive even for those that aren’t regular players of the game because they contain detailed write-ups of the history of each of the characters, so you’re bound to learn something about the Marvel Universe as you’re reading through it (I learned a bunch about the New Warriors, in particular, although there’s a ton of information about the other groups as well). The book concentrates on the Young Avengers, Runaways, and New Warriors (who did not make it into the title, but get the same treatment) and does a great job explaining who the group is, what its past is, where it was during the Civil War event (spoilers for the New Warriors: mostly dead), how to get them involved in your game, alternate possibilities for the groups, and Milestones (the reality TV milestones for the New Warriors are some of my favorites so far). The Young Avengers and Runaways also get suggestions for how to work them into the main Civil War event. The Young Avengers/Runaways supplement also includes a mini-event. If you need something to cover a session, The Cube (the included mini-Event) will work nicely. It’s a good, straight-forward, action-oriented Event that still has some interesting story telling opportunities. You also get about 14 pages of obscure villains (which are some of the best ones to see, since they give you some interesting characters that you would never think to use otherwise), with Prowler and Hammerhead sticking out as more familiar to me.

If you’re looking for a ton of new, slightly more obscure characters to add to your Marvel Heroic RPG game (or you’re a big fan of one of the included groups), the Young Avengers/Runaways supplement is an easy recommendation. There’s a ton of information in here beyond simple Datafiles. In fact, I found it to be a very good read filled with good information about a part of the Marvel U I know less about even without the game context (Bonus!). The Young Avengers/Runaways supplement for the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game is available as a PDF for $12.99 from DriveThruRPG. Oh, and as an aside, you will need a copy of the Operations Manual (found in the Basic Game or the Civil War Premium Event Book) if you want to play the game itself.

Have you checked out the Young Avengers/Runaways supplement? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it and the Marvel Heroic RPG down in the comments.

The list of hero Datafiles in the Young Avengers/Runaways supplement (Some with Milestones, some without): Aegis, Alex Wilder, Alex Power, Amadeus Cho, Arsenic, Bandit, Blackwing, Bolt, Chase Stein, Darkhawk, Debrii, Firestar, Hawkeye, Helix, Hindsight, Hulkling, Iron Lad, Jack Power, Julie Power, Justice, Karolina Dean, Katie Power, Longstrike, Microbe, Molly Hayes, Nico Minoru, Namorita, Night Thrasher, Night Thrasher II, Patriot, Phaser, Rage, Renascence, Ripcord, Silhouette, Skybolt, Slapstick, Speed, Speedball, Stature, Tempest, Thor Girl, Timeslip, Turbo, Ultra Girl, Victor Mancha, Vision, Wiccan, Wondra, and Xavin.

The list of hero villains in the Young Avengers/Runaways supplement (may constitute spoilers for the included mini-Event): Flag-Smasher, Cape-Killer Units, Cobalt Man, Coldheart, Cube Agents, Marvel Boy, Warden, Coldblood, Cybermancer, Digitek, Gibborim, Lightbright, Living Mummy, Prowler, Phil Urich, Ricochet, Rick Jones, Bloodshed, Ghost-Maker, Hammerhead, Shockwave, Slyde, Speedfreek, Stilt-Man, Vienna, Chondu the Mystic, Gorilla-Man, Ruby Thursday, Shrunken Bones, Blue Streak, Ferocia, Flame, King Size, Ricadonna, Satana, Jennifer Kale, and Topaz.


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