Think Tank 2 Review – Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal

Think Tank 2 Review. Matt Hawkins, Rahsan Ekedal, Top Cow, and Image Comics.Think Tank 2 Review Short Version: Think Tank 2 continues developing David Loren, taking many of its pages to explain why he has become disenchanted with his work for the military and how he came to work for them to begin with. I have much better sense of who Loren is as a whole after Think Tank 2. I’m really looking forward to the third issue, where it looks like we’re going to get a heist film-style scheme. It’s pretty clear that the military isn’t just going to let one of its top scientists just walk away, so it looks like this should be an interesting ride.

Think Tank 2 Writer: Matt Hawkins

Think Tank 2 Artist: Rahsan Ekedal

After taking the issue to show what an incredible mind David Loren is in the first issue of Think Tank, Hawkins and Ekedal took a step back to have him get caught to show us that the people he is trying to escape are not incompetent. To the contrary, Loren’s opposition in the form of his military overlords may not be his equals, but they are not as completely outmatched as most people are by him (although still mostly outmatched). So, at the beginning of Think Tank 2, Loren is back in the hands of his ’employers’, but he is confident that he could have walked away if he had really needed to during the first issue. And he has a plan to get away for real this time. But that’s for the next issue. Think Tank 2 focuses on showing us how David Loren came to work for DARPA and why he fell out of love with the promise of getting to work with technology his peers could only dream of. It builds his character nicely and gives some nice depth to his relationship with Mannish. Think Tank 2 is another winning issue from Hawkins and Ekedal.

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