Thief of Thieves 8 Review – A more personal story for Conrad

Thief of Thieves 8 Review. James Asmus takes over writing duties for the Robert Kirkman story. Shawn Martinbrough continues art duties. Thief of Thieves 8 Review: So, writing duties for Robert Kirkman’s Thief of Thieves pass to James Asmus for Thief of Thieves 8 and, with it, we get a story that is a little more personal in tone, at least at its outset. Part of the nature of Thief of Thieves 8 is that it is handled by a different writer than the previous arc (as was intended) and – as such – feels a little different (the other part is just a directorial change in tone). I would recommend you read it twice so you really get it down. It’s a promising start, and I’m looking forward to Asmus getting to continue to add depth to Conrad as we see how much the things he has lost eat at him. 

Thief of Thieves 8 Writer: James Asmus

Thief of Thieves 8 Artist: Shawn Martinbrough

Thief of Thieves 8 is a pretty big transition for the comic book series. Whereas the first arc of the series was cinematic in nature, this arc (written by James Asmus) is more personal. We’ve already established that Conrad’s son is important to him, but here we get a much deeper look at what he has lost in becoming the best at what he does. Thief of Thieves 8 picks up with Conrad running into Audrey (his ex) with the rather distasteful Donny, who basically just comes off as a worm in every conceivable way. In any case, Thief of Thieves 8 is pretty light on, you know, thieving (there is some, but even it is of a slightly more personal nature), but it’s got a lot more interesting set up than Conrad’s relationships: There’s the tease of another upcoming job (I almost guarantee we’ll get to that), but Augustus is also in some trouble after his recent freedom and he may have to turn to a rather unlikely place for some help. All told, Thief of Thieves 8 is a great continuance of the series.

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