The Massive 4 Review – This ship’s not sinking

The Massive 4 Review. Brian Wood, Garry Brown, and Dave Stewart.The Massive 4 Review Short Version: The Massive 4, part one of Black Pacific, the second arc of the comic book, finds The Massive finding its stride. Gone are the somewhat off-putting (for me) frequent cuts and – instead – we get a lot more of Callum, who is an interesting character with an interesting path and is rather fully formed. I really think that The Massive 4 is the first chance that he has had a chance to shine and he definitely does so in his stand off with a former colleague. Callum has to adjust to the new world he finds himself in, he just has to try to bend, not break.  

The Massive 4 Writer: Brian Wood

The Massive 4 Artist: Garry Brown

The Massive 4 Colors: Dave Stewart

Brian Wood nails in in The Massive 4. The first part of the second arc for the new series, Wood gives Callum a little more room to breathe in this issue, having spent the last few issues taking time to concentrate, in many ways, as much on how the world has changed as the characters. The Massive 4, on the other hand, puts the camera square on Kapital captain Callum, and the issue does a great job of demonstrating Callum’s beliefs, not just by telling us about them, but putting him in a challenging situation and letting him make the hard decision. Conversely, The Massive 4 shows that, outside of his pacifists views (which I imagine will get challenged more later, as well), Callum is willing to not play strictly by the old rules (not that it seems that he was terribly interested in doing that). It’s an issue light on the hunter for The Massive, but it’s far and away the best issue of the series so far. Brown and Stewart make the issue look great as well. Really, The Massive 4 hits all the right notes for me. I’m more excited that ever to see where the series is going from here.

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