Quantum Roleplaying Game: Akyrema City, Quantum’s Core on Kickstarter

Akyrema City, Quantum's Core. Quantum Roleplaying Game

Quantum Roleplaying Game: Akyrema City, Quantum’s Core is the new expansion for the Quantum RPG from Joshua Frost that you can check out on Kickstarter right now if you like.

The Quantum RPG (which is currently in Beta, which you can check out right here) was successfully put up on Kickstarter at the end of last year and now the game’s creator, six-time ENnie winner Joshua J. Frost is looking to expand his RPG with the first official setting supplement, Akyrema City. Akyrema City promises to be a place where the ultra-modern meets classic fantasy, where – according to the Kickstarter – “[i]t’s not out of place to see a medieval knight in full plate armor atop an armored steed pushing through the well-dressed crowds on a concrete lane, a dozen floating video screens floating above”. Frost promises that Akyrema City will give the users plenty of information regarding the eponymous city, including demographics, new enemies, the legal system, the city’s outlying areas, and new equipment, weighing in at a pretty-hefty 256 pages. I really liked the art shown off in the original Quantum RPG Kickstarter, and Akyrema City looks like it might be an interesting book for those to check out, both for those interested in playing the Quantum RPG, but also for those looking for interesting locations to run their game of choice in, as the rundown certainly seems to imply plenty of information that is not system-specific. If you’d like more information about Joshua J. Frost’s ”>Quantum Roleplaying Game: Akyrema City, Quantum’s Core setting, you can go over to the Quantum Roleplaying Game: Akyrema City, Quantum’s Core Kickstarter page, where a PDF copy of the book will run you $20 or go over to the Infinite X Studio Web page.

If you’re done taking a look at the Quantum Roleplaying Game: Akyrema City, Quantum’s Core, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the game and about your favorite pre-built RPG settings down in the comments. If you’ve wrapped up your business here, why don’t you take a look at the Related Posts found below, the Recent Posts in the sidebar, or go to random post on Futile Position.

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